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IM Solar Service provides a number of different services besides just panel cleaning including service and maintenance, power factors, solar inspections, consulting and removing and haul away unwanted systems.

Solar Inspections


Are you buying or selling a home and are not sure if your system is working properly?


Nobody likes a money pit! We

offer current and/or prospective homeowners a full system inspection to ensure a smooth transition period during this

exciting time.

Power Factors


Is solar just not in your budget right now? Or do you have older appliances that are just eating away at your electric bill?


We offer power factors that can not only help you save up to 20% off of your electric bill but will also increase the longevity of your appliances. What is a power factor you ask? Say your tv requires about 1000 watts to run and the electric allocates 1200 watts towards that outlet. This leaves you with 200 unused watts that you have not used but have paid for. Well a power factor takes this excess energy and then recycles and stores it until required for future use. By storing the excess it allows for your appliances to use that stored energy first before pulling additional electricity from the electric company. Using a power factor minimizes your energy loss from your major appliances and also regulates the flow of electricity into your home thus decreasing your bill.

Service & Maintenance


Do you feel your system is not working? Have you noticed your panels seem dirty?

We will verify that your system is operating and operating at it’s peak performance. If it seems to be an issue with dirty panels we will set you up with one of our maintenance service plans. However, if  we do find that your system is not operating as well as it could be we will provide you with an estimate to repair or replace the cause of such an issue. Remember we also

service and maintain




Not sure if solar is worth it or have you found an offer that seems to good to be true?

We provide 3rd party consultation services that are unbiased to any solar installation company. We

are able to look at offers you have been given and compare them

to determine what is in your

best interest.

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