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 In 2005 Brandon started his career in solar as a warehouse manager and from there he was able to progress through varying entities within the field. From warehouse manager, assistant installation, lead installation, field supervisor, solar design/permit submission, operations manager, maintenance technician, senior electrical foreman and lead inspection technician one might call him the jack of solar trades.


Throughout his career in the solar community he noticed there were major flaws in a few important areas; one of them being… customer service. He noticed that there was a massive discrepancy between what the company was offering and what the consumer was actually receiving. Between solar installation, production and maintenance he wants you as the consumer to be knowledgeable on your investment. With no ties to any corporation he is able to give you an non biased consultation with your interest in mind.


A second major flaw noticed was the lack in communication about the maintenance and operations of your solar panels after installation. Brandon aims to bridge this gap and provide the tools and knowledge you need as the consumer for you to reap the rewards of your investment. Between initial consultation, emergency services, and preventative maintenance checks Brandon feels confident he can ensure you the solar product you envisioned.


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