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Solar panel Cleaning

Should you clean your solar panels?


Yes, even your panel manufacturer recommends that you have regular maintenance. For instance, Yingli, Sunpower or REC recommend all solar panels should be cleaned and/or inspected at least once a year by a qualified solar professional! 

Are you looking for a solar professional to clean and inspect your system?

Having been in the solar industry since 2005, working for companies large and small, in all aspects of solar, it's guaranteed we know our business inside and out.

Won't rain clean my panels?


Rain, is not the cure-all for cleaning solar panels because rain still contains within it airborne dust particles that will still leave behind a layer on the panels themselves. This means that although the rain may wash out the old dust it brings new dirty particles with it.

Things such as bird droppings, airborne dirt and pollen particles, and pollution fallout inevitably mix with dew to create an impenetrable layer of grime and slime. This effectively reduces the ability of your solar array to perform at its full capacity. We have found that these dirty panels will reduce the return on your investment up to 30%.

It is recommend to keep your panels clean in order to maximize your highest performance. Do not lose out on efficiency

**We use our own water source to ensure the purity of the water used and it also allows us to service remote areas or areas that a water source is not available close to your panels

Services Offered


 Panel Cleaning

Solar PV inspections

Solar Pool Heating Inspections

System Testing (PV)

Service and Maintenance

Panel Cleaning

Base Cleaning: Wash And Rinse using Deionized water and a duel rotating brush system (Single Story/Comp)




Tile Roof

Light Tile Roof

Pet and Environmently safe Solar Washing Solution



10% for military, Senior and First Responders

Annual Service Contract (2yr Min.)

Semi-annual Service Contract (2yr Min.)

Quarterly Service Contract (2yr Min.)

Monthly Service Conract (2yr Min.)

Solar Inspections

PV Inspection: Checking panels and pimary equipment condition, mounting hardware, connection points both mechanical and electrical and all safety mechanisms.


Pool Solar Inspection: Check pool panels, connections, plumbing condition, Solar equipment condtion and function, and pressure test system

System Testing

PV Testing: Test panel voltages, verify all electrical reading are within manufacturer peramiters.

Would you want a gardener working on your car, or an auto mechanic fixing your air conditioner? Then why would you settle for anyone taking care of your solar investment that wasn’t knowledgeable in solar?   IM Solar Service is your champion solar company which possesses integrity and workmanship.  We provide meticulous and detailed service to help you protect, and get the most out of your investment.


Having been in the solar industry since 2005, working for companies large and small, in all aspects of solar, it's guaranteed we know our business inside and out. Our recommendations follow strict manufacturers' guidelines and stringent ethical codes for panel cleanings and annual system checks for both our commercial and residential customers. In utilizing our comprehensive, multi-point inspection and maintenance plans, you are assured that every aspect of your system is safe, optimally functioning, and backed by our output increase guarantee. In other words: IM Solar Serves has your back!


One of the biggest questions we are continually asked is, “How can I get the most out of my solar panels?”.   Our answer is simple: The best defense is a strong offense. Solar degradation from natural, environmental impact can be reduced by keeping your solar panels clean and maintained.  Our maintenance "made to fit plans" can help you prolong the life of your panels and assure maximum output.  By combining cleanings with system checks we can help you regain up to 30% of your total system production. That's money back in your pocket.  

We love the environment, and we love pets.  We strive to be environmentally responsible by using 100% biodegradable and pet friendly materials.  You can be assured that our carbon footprint will be minimal as we help you optimize you contribution to clean energy use.

Increase your systems production and reduce potential down time by having them cleaned and checked!


Call us today to get a FREE estimate and to schedule your appointment!


(951) 322-7080

*fully licensed and Insured 

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